Sensory Change

Autism and sensory support for parents and families


Welcome to my website where you could find all about sensory processing disorder and the activities I used through the years to re-wire the brain and get the results I could only dream of.

My Journey began when I found out that something is not quite right with my boy’s development and since then it’s been a complex but rewarding process which I want to share with you.

How to  get the hand writing going ?

When my son was in year 3 in school he was unable to form letters or numbers .  His school provided him with a laptop as his spellings were good but they did not think he was able to write and the OT the school had provided said that the law only requires a child  to...

Sensory presents for Christmas on a low budget

Looking for Christmas presents for our kids can be difficult .  I try to look for presents that will be both educational and fun .  The links I put are not affiliate links  , so if you find better deals please let me know !! For gross motor activity : Balancing board...

What is therapeutic listening ?

Therapeutic listening is an approach that recognises that listening goes well beyond the ears and is a function of the brain . The way we listen affects the way we behave , and so to that end therapeutic listening uses sound training together with sensory integrative...

5 daily challenges to improve articulation

  5  fun activities that improve speech and articulation :  Blowing bubbles through straws  in different capacity containers.  Sucking   sugar-free lollipops. Blowing  different kinds of whistles . @talktool have a  wonderful assortment ( see photo). Bite down on...

What is Crossing the Midline ?

Crossing the midline is an imaginary line down the centre of the body which divides the body into left and right. It actually refers to the ability to reach across the middle of the body with arms and legs crossing over to the other side. Crossing the midline is...


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