Consultation With Dana 

Dana is a mother of two children with sensory processing disorder.

Through the years she has done related courses and a large verity of activities in different sensory disciplines and managed to achieve results when others lost hope.

Her  book is called  “Against The Odds” as without taking action she  would have doomed her sons to be dependent on social services for the rest of their lives.
Dana is passionate about helping parents help their children, she takes special interest in brain research and in particular studies that focus on the connection with the plasticity of the brain.


Her approach is holistic and practical at the same time, using her knowledge and experience she can connect the dots and help parents achieve results.

Many parents come to her for consultation because of her  down-to-earth perspective, sensitive approach and her passion to help parents  getting the results they wish for.

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Dana helped me enormously with my daughter’s struggles with ADHD. Sleeping has always been a big issue and with her advices we have managed to establish a very beneficial routine  

– Susana